Tristi in tara

by Nava Spatiala



This track was commissioned by Ștefan Tiron / Megatron, on the verge of celebrating 100 years of Dada.

Our works deconstruct sound in many ways, from pure software glitches used as sources to randomising variables in the audio wave. We trash, recycle and reuse various sound sources.

Enjoy listening!


released May 21, 2016
Nava Spatiala




Nava Spatiala Bermuda

A duo specialised in noisenautics, Nava Spatiala creates sounds which are based on noise/drone/ambient atmospheres, relying on apparently chaotic, unintentional and improvisational use of the spectrum. Carefully keeping you alert along their journeys by the dadaist and deconstructivist approach, Nava Spatiala started in 2010. ... more

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